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I was driving down to LA in early fall of 2018 when I suddenly realized that my arms were burning.

Couldn’t believe it…

…on the road for less than an hour and I was already getting lit up by California’s notorious sun rays.

Now here’s the irony: I was driving down to SoCal to for a window tinting training… and yet, my windows weren’t even tinted!

I felt like such a fraud. Like I let my customers down…

Worst of all, I felt like I was literally slow roasting in a pressure cooker.

But don’t cry for me Argentina…

…Luckily your boy found a little hole-in-the-valley gas station that had sunblock.


But later on I learned that all this could’ve been avoided with the right tint.

Specifically, ceramic tint.

Since then we’ve tinted countless cars with ceramic film, and TRUST me – I’m a believer.

Here Are 3 Reasons Ceramic Tint is a Must-Have For Your Vehicle:

1. Better Driving experience

You know it from my burning man story – factory windows DO NOT protect you from the sun.

Even factory tint (which is really just dye) doesn’t offer any added protection.

Ceramic tint, on the other hand, is nano-layered with ceramic AND carbon properties – both of which block 99.99% of UV rays and reduce IR heat by nearly 60%.

You’ll feel a HUGE difference when taking a drive that lasts longer than 30 minutes.

In fact, these days I rarely use the AC now that my windows are ceramic. Even when it’s really hot, I barely use it.

And if you think adding sunblock on your drive is silly, trust me, I did too.

But with our ever-changing climate, getting sunburned on a nice drive to the mountains is a stark reality.

So instead of denying it, why not prepare for it.

2. You Don’t Have to Break The Law

Here in the California you can’t legally tint your front windows anything less than 88%.

Honestly, with standard window tint you’re getting ZERO sun protection at those numbers.

That’s why people like to go with limo tint in the front – it blocks a lot of heat.

Unfortunately that’s illegal.

However, with ceramic tint you can get just as much protection from the sun as you would with limo tint.

Don’t believe me?

Then I invite you to come to our store and try this heat box:

Image of Heat Box

I’ll show you firsthand that lighter shade ceramic tint will feel cooler than our standard, much darker film.

3. You’ll Save Money

Ceramic tint costs a TEENY bit more than standardl tint. True.

But over time, you’ll save A LOT more on energy use.

You see, when it’s hot we crank up the AC. And when we do that, we’re burning through our fuel or electric energy.

At the end of the month, this adds up.

But with ceramic tint, you can save at least 40% on your monthly energy costs.

I don’t know about you, but I like saving money 🙂

When it comes to ceramic film, we highly recommend going with Suntek Ceramic Window Tint.

We honestly haven’t seen a better quality film at that matches Suntek’s price point either.

But like I said, come visit our store to get a demo.

And if you have any questions about window tint, don’t hesitate to reach out at 510-527-9888.

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