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So this one was a monster!

We managed to tint this GIANT 2015 Mercedes Sprinter with the best of Suntek Tint – Ceramic window tint that’s made to keep the sun OUT.

This elegant beast took our tinter nearly all hands and feet to keep the tint from slipping :o.

Actually, it felt like more of a “wrap” job than a tint. But the team was up to the challenge so we went in head first.

Good thing for us, or tint plotter computer-cuts the entire pattern for this car.

All we have to do is “print”, cut and apply.

Of course, there’s more that goes into it than that, but overall that’s the process.

The nice thing is this sprinter will have NO problems cross country traveling in the summertime because it’s virtually heat-proof.

With ceramic you’re getting about 60% heat rejection and 99.9% UV blockage.

That’s enough to keep a polar bear smiling 😮

2015 Mercedes Sprinter

Are you looking to keep your car cool this summer?

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