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Ever wonder what makes an Audi look and feel better?

You guessed it – window tint!

But now just any tint.

In fact, don’t buy a brand new Audi and bring it to us for some regular-old-tint. We’ll just refuse to tint it!

No, for a car like this, the tint needs to…

  • Have Superior UV protection
  • Have Superior Heat protection (think AT LEAST 60% heat reduction)
  • Glare resistance
  • IR heat protection
  • Scratch resistance
  • And a “magical” flare that factory windows don’t come with

That’s exactly what this customer did.

He wanted to keep his car cool and his upholstery tip-top by adding the best tint you can find – Ceramic window tint.

And as you can see, he didn’t go overboard with the tint shade.

In fact, we did a 70% tint shade all the way around and it actually looked REALLY sleek and elegant.

The best part?

Even at this lighter shade, he’s getting MORE heat protection than he would had he have gone with a darker shade and regular tint.

So if you…

  • Care about your upholstery
  • Want to keep your car COOL
  • Drive infants in the backseat
  • Are sensitive to sunlight
  • Don’t enjoy glare
  • Hate the way your car looks from the factory

Then I HIGHLY encourage you to get your car windows tinted with Ceramic tint.

And right now we’re doing a summer special where you get $50 off our Ceramic Series Tint.

Give us a call at 510-527-9888 to book an appointment!

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