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Get Better Sound Out of Your Door Speakers

Are you looking to get better sound out of your existing door speakers?

As long as your speakers aren’t

  • Old
  • Dying of old age or…
  • Really cheap

Then you CAN get amazing sound out of them!

But like I mentioned above, I’m going to assume your speakers are aftermarket or at least brand new factory speakers.

If they’re either one of these two … you’re in luck!

Here are 3 inexpensive ways you can boost your existing door speakers:

1. Dynamat

This simple, easy-to-use material is the ULTIMATE sound deadener.


It’s really just a plastic and aluminum material that kills the distortion created when your door speakers sound off and vibrate against the panels.

It creates a sort of ‘padding’ that surrounds your speakers and makes them sound full… and even a bit louder.

But best of all, it’ll clean up the road noise and rattling so you can get the maximum sound out of your speakers.

2. RoadKill

No, I’m NOT suggesting you use a dead highway skunk in your sound system (poor little skunk 🙁 )

Instead I’m talking about Stinger Electronics’s exceptional product: Roadkill Fast Rings.


Essentially, Roadkill is a layered foam ring that goes right around the back or your door speaker and acts as a gasket.

It focuses and channels the sound waves of the speaker into the listening compartment of your car (i.e. where YOU sit) and eliminates all sound dissipation.

What does that mean?

Well, you won’t lose sound to the speakers flooding the door panels.

Instead all your sound will be channeled to exactly where you sit.

Think about it…

Have you ever heard a set of speakers inside a store and thought, ‘man, those sound amazing…’ only to get them installed in your car and realize they sound NOTHING like what your hear?

Well RoadKill makes sure that WON’T happen.

3. Powerpack

Ask any one of us here what the number one way is to dramatically increase the volume and sound quality of your speakers, and right away we’d tell you it’s a 4-channel amplifier. Hands down.

Unfortunately, adding a 4 channel amp costs some mullah.

First you need to buy a good amp ($249+)… then wiring ($60+)… and then installation ($225+)

While we highly encourage this, for some of you it’s just not what you want to spend.

I hear you.

So in this case, you’d want to add an Alpine Powerpack:


This small little amplifier is a miracle.

It pretty much doubles the sound of your speakers without requiring wiring or a lot of installation.

In fact, it installs right behind your stereo and usually takes less than an hour.

The retail price is $129 and usually under $100 to install it.

If you ask me, that’s a steal for the kind of benefits your speakers and sound system get. Installing 4 channel amps are a lot of work, but with an Alpine powerpack it’s VERY straightforward.

Well, there you have it: 3 simple and inexpensive ways to get better sound out of your door speakers.

Hope you enjoyed the post and please let me know your comments below.

Have you tried one or more of these ideas?

If so, what did you think?

Let me know!

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