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If you’re looking for privacy window tinting and overall heat reduction to the car – this post is perfect for you!

Last week a customer brought her 2017 Chevy volt for window tinting.

Having come fresh from burning man, this young lady was looking for MASSIVE heat reduction.

So what did we do?

We tinted her entire car with Viper’s IR heat blocking tint.

She did 35% in the front and 5% limo tint in the back, which will drop down inside temperatures by at least 60 percent.

Now, the most difficult part about putting window tint on a Chevy volt is the dot matrices on the back window. Getting the tint to mold properly on the back windshield without compromising the look is a bit of a challenge.

However, we got it on there without any patches and everything looked nice and flush.

The customer was ecstatic and she’s coming back to top things off with a ceramic window tint on the windshield to give it even MORE heat and sun blocking effect.

If you’re looking for carbon or ceramic window tint that blocks out a good chunk of heat and won’t fade over time, give us a call at 510-527-9888.

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